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Mental Health

JDRF discuss mental wellbeing on a section of their website here.  

Diabetes UK have a section of their website talking about emotions and diabetes here.  


iTalk is a psychology service for Hampshire who have resources you can access on their website, via phone support or group support.  You can self-refer on their website. They offer support in various areas:


"Learn simple and effective ways to look after your everyday wellbeing and stay well."


"If you've been feeling down or overwhelmed lately, our guided self-help options empower you to get back on track."


"We offer evidence-based treatments for depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and phobias, but you don't need a diagnosis to self-refer."

One You

One you is an NHS website with various resources which are worth exploring. The site covers areas including anxiety, low mood, stress, sleep and where to turn if you need urgent support.

Diabetes 101 Conference Presentation

"Dr Rose Stewart, Principle Psychologist for young adults living with diabetes. Rose has also authored many books in a series called Talking Type 1 and is a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion too. In session 3, Rose delves in the effects of COVID19 on our emotional wellbeing. She also explains how living with a long term condition like diabetes, can affect our mood and wellbeing as well. Most Importantly Rose gives us some top tips on how to overcome these feelings."

Diabetes Disordered Eating & Burnout

Bournemouth Hospital is running a pilot service combining Type 1 Diabetes specialists with Mental Health specialists to work with people with Type 1 Diabetes who are struggling with these complex issues. You can read a bit about what is going on there in this BBC news article.

If you are affected by these issues then speak to your GP or Diabetes nurse for support. You might also find it helpful seeking support from other local people with Type 1 Diabetes through Sugarbuddies.

Diabetes UK have a page on Eating Disorders and Diabetes which you can find here.

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Type 1 Diabetes