Novorapid to Trurapi Switch 

Patients using Novorapid fast acting insulin are being advised to switch to Trurapi which is a biosimilar medication made by Sanofi. It has been tested to ensure that is it equally effective and safe.

The NHS is under great financial pressure and it is extremely important that we make sure we spend public money carefully, using the better value choices, so that the NHS can afford the best care for patients. Trurapi is much better value for the NHS to prescribe. Local diabetes experts have agreed that patients who are currently being treated with Novorapid should be switched to Trurapi.

We will be sending letters to patients advising of the switch.  We would recommend using up your remaining Novorapid before starting to use your new insulin. The dose you should use of Trurapi is the same as you would have given with Novorapid.

There are some situations in which you might not want to switch, for example:

  • If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy you may want to wait until after you deliver your baby
  • If you are using an insulin pump we would not recommend changing at this time
  • If you use smart features of your current insulin pen e.g. bluetooth connectivity

If you are not happy for your medication to be changed or one of the above situations applies to you then there are instructions on the paperwork to follow to let us know.

Pre-filled pens

If you use pre-filled pens of Novorapid then you will be switched to pre-filled pens of Trurapi. You can continue to use the same needles. The image above is what your new fast acting insulin will look like.

You might want to consider switching to a reusable pen as this is better for the environment. This can be discussed at your next diabetes annual review.

More information on your new insulin

Reusable pens

If you use vials of insulin with a reusable pen then you will need to collect a new reusable pen from reception at your surgery. This is called an AllStar Pro.

If you use a pen which can given half-unit doses then let us know so we can order you a specific pen that can do this.

You can read more about Trurapi at Sanofi's website which includes a video of how to use the pre-filled pens. You can visit their site by clicking here.

For instructions on the use of the AllStar Pro pen device click here.