Type 1 Diabetes

Have you had your annual review appointment and received your personalised Type 1 Diabetes care plan?

There is so much more we want to make you aware of.  Check out the links below and click here to see the latest news and A to Z resources.

Do you have Type 1 (or Type 3c) Diabetes?

At New Forest PCN we know that life with Type 1 Diabetes is tough. We want to make it easier for you to make changes to your prescription and gain access to new technology.

You can use this form to request starting/changing Libre 2 or Dexcom One sensors and to change the quantity of your needles/test strips/insulin or sensors.

Online Education

For those aged <18

Children and young people with Type 1 diabetes and their families are able to use the DigiBete App and website for a wide range of awareness, education, training and support resources.

Young Adults

DigiBete have a page of resources specifically for those:

For those aged 18 + do also check out the My Type1 Diabetes resources.

For those aged 18+

Adults with Type 1 diabetes can access this service directly by visiting myType1diabetes.nhs.uk, it includes videos and eLearning courses to help people understand more about Type 1 diabetes and to increase confidence in how to manage it.

Other Online Resources

Bertie Online is an online version of the Carbohydrate Counting Course run by Bournemouth Hospital.  A good option for those unable to attend a face to face course or as a refresher.  Save your certificate as proof of undertaking the training which can be used in the process of getting approved for the Freestyle Libre.

The Diabetes Technology Network UK are a branch of the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists.  They have produced a Freestyle Libre Education programme consisting of informative videos.  They also have a similar programme on the use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) particularly focusing on its use in Pregnancy.

The Edinburgh Centre for Endocrinology & Diabetes have produced a Survey Monkey Quiz designed to support those using Flash Glucose Monitoring (Libre) but also useful for those using other forms of CGM.  Suitable for those using Multiple Daily Injections as well as Insulin Pump users. There is also a guide they have produced.

West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service

The West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service are based in Lyndhurst and provide various services to patients with Type 1 Diabetes locally:

  • Carbohydrate Counting training
  • Freestyle Libre assessment and training
  • Clinic reviews for patients referred to the service by your GP surgery
  • Referral on to insulin pump services in Southampton or Bournemouth

They have a page for Type 1 Diabetes here with links to various resources.  They have also developed a Type 1 Diabetes YouTube channel with videos on various topics.

T1 Resources

t1resources.uk has been put together by people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals to offer a selection of valuable resources that have been reviewed and agreed to be helpful, informative and to offer good support.

A special mention for the Diabetes Tech Dictionary which will help you know your Basal-IQ from your 670G.

Latest News and A to Z Resources

Click here to see the latest news and visit pages of recommended videos and websites on various topics including travel, exercise, carb counting, insulin pumps and more.

Diabetes Comics

Revolve Comics have collaborated with Diabetes Specialists from Portsmouth and Southampton and with people living with Type 1 to create a comic series based on Type 1 Diabetes.

A fourth edition called "Generations" is out now!  Click here to find out more and to read the free online comics.

Peer Support

Sugar Buddies Hampshire and Dorset Peer Support is a closed group on Facebook for people with all types of Diabetes.  They arrange local catch-ups to discuss various topics and also arrange walks.  The Facebook group is a good place to ask a question of the over 450 members who also live with Diabetes.  They can also be found on Twitter at @Sugarbuddies1.

On Twitter you can search for #gbdoc

to find posts from the Great British Diabetic Online Community.

You might want to also consider following:





Jen Grieves is a writer/broadcast journalist and digital TV and radio producer based in the UK who lives with Type 1. 

She hosts a podcast available on Apple Podcasts or other platforms. She also has a website with a blog where she talks about her  experiences with Type 1.

Jamie Lowe is a broadcaster based in England who lives with Type 1.  He hosts a podcast available on Apple Podcasts or other platforms.

You can learn more about Jamie's experiences living with Type 1 Diabetes by reading his Blog.

Stacy Simms is the mum of a son with Type 1.  She hosts a regular podcast on Apple Podcasts or other platforms.  You need to bear in mind that she is based in the USA but does have an international audience with varied guests including from industry insiders regarding new technologies. She also has a website.

New Forest PCN take no responsibility for the content of external links.

Any feedback or advice on resources you think we should include email admin@newforestpcn.co.uk with Diabetes in the subject line. 


This book is incredibly useful for those undertaking carbohydrate counting.  Carb counting is strongly recommended for all those with Type 1 Diabetes. 

Carbs and Cals have produced various books but here you can find their main book or the pocket version.  They also have a YouTube Channel which is recommended.

Dr David Cavan is a Diabetes Consultant with over 20 years experience.  His comprehensive book is a useful guide to all things Type 1.

Available on Amazon at this link.  

Stacey Simms is based in the USA and is the mum of a son with Type 1 Diabetes.  She has written a book about her experiences and hosts a regular podcast.  You need to bear in mind that they are based in America so not everything is relevant to us in the UK but I still think this book is worth a read, especially for parents of a child with Type 1.  You can find the book on Amazon at this this link.