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18/03/21 - New Libre 2 Guidance

New guidance has been released to help you consider how to set up alarms with Libre 2.

16/02/21 - Closed Loop Insulin Delivery Systems

Check out our new page on closed loop systems.

08/01/21 - Libre 2 is coming soon

Libre 2 will be available to those currently using Libre 1 on NHS prescription soon.  Visit our switching page for info on how to order a new reader so you are ready.

29/12/20 - New Type 1 Diabetes comic released

A third Type 1 Diabetes Comic has been released and is entitled "S.T.I.G.M.A".

Click here or on the image to the right to be taken to the page where you can access this newest edition.

Click here if you want to read the other comics first.

24/11/20 - update with video of event

"Hear from people using type 1 diabetes technology and devices, from diabetes professionals and the technology companies themselves.

Join us for our Type 1 Diabetes Tech for Experienced Users JDRF Fusion event delivered over Zoom."

This event happened on 5/12/20. You can see a video of the event to the right or open in Youtube.


My Diabetes My Way are running a free two day online course called "Understanding Type 1 Diabetes" on 1/12/20 and 2/12/20. Register and learn more by visiting their website here.


Diabetes UK hosted a Type 1 and Tech online conference on World Diabetes Day (14/11/20). Check out the video description for time stamps (links) to the different talks on various subjects.

Highlights include @Nerdabetic doing a session on apps for people for people with Type 1 Diabetes. Also @WilmotEmma closes out the day talking about access to technology.


Abbott the maker of Freestyle Libre has announced the Freestyle Libre 3. Read about the announcement on their website here.

@Nerdabetic has produced a video on the subject which you can see to the right.

It is hoped that the Libre 2 will be coming on the NHS soon.  The Libre 1 is currently in use by around 30% of people with Type 1 in the UK. Read more about Flash Monitoring on our page here.

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