Social Prescribing

Lee joins the Network as a Social Prescriber.  This is a new role that will place patients at the centre of their own non-clinical care, highlighting the ethos of “what matters to me,”  The aim is to help people discover ways to feel better and improve how they feel in a manner that supports their own decision making.

Social Prescribing offers help and support that doesn’t come in a tube or a bottle but instead through engagement with local and community based groups and resources to aid support, encourage participation and help reduce the impact of loneliness and isolation.

Lee has a background and interest in weight loss, mental health and health referral, and has helped many people in addressing associated health conditions and improving their wellbeing.

His experience will help those looking to help themselves and we warmly welcome him to the team.

For now Lee is going to be focusing on those aged under 65.

The only person that truly knows you is you! And that is what Social Prescribing is all about, putting you at the centre of what you want to do. Your health and wellbeing are the most important elements of your life and I will help you on a face to face level, on your level to find your interests. It may be rediscovering something or trying a totally new experience, this can be achieved through involvement in group or one to one sessions that are out there in our communities just waiting for you to engage with; just a few small changes can make big differences!

It’s all confidential; it gives you an opportunity to express what YOU want to do in a non-judgemental manner that will support you going forward to a healthier and more positive future!

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Areas that can be assisted with include:

Support with Finances

Being Healthy

& Well 

Getting Out & Active

Connecting with

Your Community

Supporting your

Mental Wellbeing

Hobbies & Interests

How it works:

  • You and your GP agree for you to be referred to Social Prescribing,
  • Together with Lee you will agree a plan to achieve your goals through exploring what’s important in your life and identifying what services locally will benefit / help you,
  • You will be assisted in being signposted to services, community groups and support in your local area, which may include:
  • Healthy lifestyle & activity: Nutrition, diet & exercise, accessible to all (no matter your current level).
  • Arts, music, outdoors & creativity,
  • Befriending, counselling & other support groups,
  • Housing, benefits, financial support & advice,
  • Employment, training & volunteering,
  • Education & learning,
  • Getting involved in your community, 
  • Accessing specialist service & support.

    Lee will be there for you whilst you are on this journey, follow up appointments are available to ensure you are happy with the process and ensuring you are on the right track to reaching your goals!

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