First Point Physio

New Forest PCN has commissioned First Point Physio to provide appointments for you.  These can be booked directly by calling your normal GP reception or may be arranged for you after you have spoken to or seen another clinician e.g. your GP. 


What can they see?

  • Muscle/joint pain in any part of the body:
      • Back
      • Neck
      • Shoulder
      • Elbow
      • Hand
      • Fingers
      • Trunk
      • Hips
      • Knees
      • Ankles
      • Feet
      • Toes
    • Any injuries - sprains and strains
    • Arthritis or suspected age related changes
    • Neck/Back pain including sciatica, leg pain, pins and needles, numbness
    • Anyone who has previously tried physiotherapy for an issue but not found it affective

    What can they do?

    • You will receive a detailed assessment and treatment plan 
    • They can organise appropriate onward referrals (see below) or investigations if needed

    Appointment schedule

    • Monday - Milford Medical Centre (for Wistaria and Milford patients)
    • Wednesday - Wistaria Surgery (for Wistaria and Milford patients)
    • Thursday - Lyndhurst Surgery
    • Friday - Chawton House Surgery  

    Referred for an X-ray?

    • Call 01590 663110, 48h after your referral to book an appointment

    Referred for an ultrasound or other type of imaging?

    • Your appointment will come in the post

    Online resources: - contains various leaflets on common musckuloskeletal conditions.

    Other self help information links

    Chartered Society of PhysiotherapistsExercise advice leaflets | The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (

    Versus ArthritisExercise sheets for your patients | Versus Arthritis

    GPEP app to promote and support rehabilitation - GPEP Musculoskeletal Treatment App - contains links to rehabilitation and physiotheraphy videos, information and education regarding common musculoskeletal conditions, including advice about pain relief, steroid injections and links to buying equipment, tapes, insoles and much more.

    Local services:

    Orthopaedic Choice

    Orthopaedic choice is a service run by Southern Health which is how we access specialist physio, investigations, some joint injections and potential joint surgery. After a referral is made you will be contacted by letter. You may be offered an appointment directly with a surgeon or you may first be seen by a specialist physiotherapist who can organise tests, injections or onward referral for surgery if indicated.

    NHS physio

    Southern Health provide a community physiotherapy service.  If you are referred by our PCN physio or by a doctor at your surgery you will need to phone 01590 663230 after 5 working days to book your appointment. You can also contatc them by email (only if referred and after 5 days) on:

    Escape Pain

    Escape Pain is a course run by New Forest District Council as part of their Active Lifestyles programme.  The courses are available at Arnewood (New Milton) and Priestlands (Lymington) leisure centres.

    Click on the link above or the image to the right for more details. There is a fee for this course but it uncludes unlimited swimming. You will need to be referred by our physio or one of our clinicans.