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Sam Jenkins

Social Prescriber

Hi, my name is Sam Jenkins and I am the Young People’s Social Prescriber & Wellbeing Coach. I joined the team in September 2021. I offer 121 support (which can either be face to face or on the telephone), run drop-in sessions and deliver wellbeing workshops. I am passionate about supporting young people to achieve their potential and help them to access the support they need.

Before I joined the team my previous role was in the Early Help Team within Children Services at BCP Council. I worked there for 10 years in various roles and have experience in delivering long term family support to vulnerable families, parents, children, and young people.

In my spare time I have recently completed my Level 3 Certificate in Counselling and am currently completing a Specialist Diploma in Counselling Children & Young People.

Drop in sessions available

You can read a bit about what Sam has been doing in this article below from a newsletter from September 2023.

Our Young People's Social Prescriber & Wellbeing Coach can offer one to one sessions works with young people aged 11-25 to help with emotional health and wellbeing issues. Information, advice and guidance can also be offered to parents and carers for children under 11.

Social Prescribing is a way of supporting you with your wellbeing. Simply put, it can help you to feel better about yourself, your life, and any challenges you might be facing. 

To find out more about workshops, activities and some useful wellbeing tips follow my instagram page.

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We will meet with you and take the time to listen and understand your needs. Together we will then create a wellbeing plan that focuses on what is important to you! We then check in with you regularly to see how you are and make sure you are getting all the support you need.

Our sessions will encourage young people to focus on achieving the 5 steps to positive wellbeing, which links in with the Back to Basics initiative that is being rolled out across Hampshire County Council:

Connect: Having good relationships help us to build a sense of belonging and self worth and give us opportunities to share positive experiences


Be Active: Being active is not only great for our health and fitness but also helps to improve self esteem and helps us to set goals and achieve them. Being active causes chemical changes in our brain which can help to positively change our mood.


Take Notice: Being more aware of the present moment, yourself and surroundings. Also known as mindfulness, and it can help us to enjoy and understand ourselves better.


Give: Acts of giving and kindness can help to improve our mental wellbeing by creating positive feelings and giving us a feeling or purpose and self worth.


Learn: Learning new skills improve our wellbeing by boosting our confidence, raising our self esteem and giving us a sense of purpose.

Back to Basics | Children and Families | Hampshire County Council (

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