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Carbohydrate Counting

Carb Counting has gone in and out of favour over the years but it is definitely back and is now strongly recommended. Carb counting is needed to make the most out of new technologies like Flash or Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Insulin pumps and Closed Loop systems.  If you have Type 1 Diabetes and have never been on a Carb Counting course contact your surgery and arrange a telephone appointment with a nurse who provides Diabetes appointments to request a referral.  A face to face/screen course is recommended but if this is not practical then check out the details of BERTIE below which is an online option.

Nutrition and Diet Resources UK have produced a handy chart which enables you to quickly work out how much carbohydrate is in a product based on the amount of carb per 100g.  Check out their PDF with an example of how to use it on page 2.

Diabetes101 are a collective of Diabetes professionals who have a YouTube Channel which you can find here.  They hosted an online conference in July 2020. To the right you can find a video on Carb Counting which was part of the conference.

Bertie Online is an online version of the Carbohydrate Counting Course run by Bournemouth Hospital.  A good option for those unable to attend a face to face course or as a refresher.  Save your certificate as proof of undertaking the training which can be used in the process of getting approved for the Freestyle Libre.

Carbs & Cals have a YouTube Channel which you can find here.  I would strongly recommend subscribing as they post weekly updates.

To the right you can find an example video on carb counting bread.

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