COVID Vaccination Hub Staff Training Page

Page designed for those working at Milford on Sea War Memorial Hospital Vaccination Centre

An overview of what training is needed for the different roles can be found in this document.

Those vaccinating need the modules below at a minimum. To see if you need additional (or less) training you should use the document linked above.

You can visit our public facing COVID vaccination page by clicking here.

Let us know your availability for additional sessions when you are not working by submitting a form which you can find by clicking here.

Reduce the risk of damage to your car (and improve the flow for patients) by arriving for your session a bit early and requesting a permit which are available (limited numbers) for the council car park at the base of sea road which is a 2-3min walk away.  It might be worth it!

Click the button to the left to see a description of the different job roles.

Eva is here!

Replacement for Pinnacle now available. No more entering dates of birth in silly formats. We can now code COVID and Flu vaccinations using the same system. Click on the logo to access the login page. Contact Neil or Pete if you need a login (if you are clinical we will need your GMC/NMC number).

There is online training available here.

accuBook from accuRX

From 11/1/21 we will be using AccuBook to help manage our appointments and bookings. This enables patients to book in via a link on a text message. Userguides:

If a patient recieves an invite but is not able to follow the booking process e.g. because they do not have a smart phone then they should not worry. They should wait for a phonecall. We will be phoning patients who do not book in themselves.

Click on your initials and then "manage practice". You can also login from anywhere by visiting

Before a session make sure you can login via the above link rather than with your smart card which is likely how you do this normally. I.e. you need to know your email address and password to login.


This is the software no longer needed to  document the vaccination of each patient.

Videos to the right are recommended viewing. No proof of watching these required. If you do not have a login then contact Peter Williams or Neil Moody-Jones.

Word document cribsheet which you might find helpful can be found here.

  • Page one for prescreening
  • Page two for vaccine delivery

There is a pdf quick guide with screen shots which is another option to have a look at.

Our location code is:


You will need to enter this when logging in.

If Pinnacle crashes (it has form) then there is a manual form which can be printed and filled out for each patient which can be found here.

e-learning for healthcare

Generic and Pfizer Vaccine modules:

Two certificates are required which you achieve by completing these modules on e-learning for health. If you are a doctor your login might be your GMC number... Once you have successfully completed the assessment (you can retake the assessment) print the certificate to PDF and then include this in your email to Leah Priestley (New Forest PCN team only). You now also need a module on the AstraZeneca vaccine (see below).

Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccine module:

There is now a specific module and assessment for the delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine. This needs to be completed before you can vaccinate with this vaccine.  Our first planned delivery for this vaccine is 9/1/21.

Resus and Anaphylaxis

You need to have undertaken BLS including an anaphylaxis update within the last year. Submit a photo or scanned copy of your certificate which might look like this (below).  If it includes the word anaphylaxis then you are all good.

If it doesn't you will need seperate proof which could be the module on e-learning for health. You might want to consider doing this update anyway.

Submitting your evidence

Email Leah Priestley with your PDF certificates and an image file of your BLS certificate.