COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Lyndhurst Surgery, New Forest Medical Group, Chawton House Surgery and Wistaria and Milford Surgeries are collaborating to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations.

    2023 Autumn Boosters Booking Now - see below

    Latest Updates:

    25/9/23 - We are now live on the National Booking Service

    We are now live on the National Booking Service following a delay which was outside of our control. Our first clinic is on 30/9/23 and we will have appointments every Saturday until mid-December. Click here to book.

    3/9/23 - Autumn Booster update

    We will be providing COVID vaccination appointments on Saturdays at Chawton House Surgery booked via the National Booking Service. The plan is for these appointments to start on 30/9/23 with booking possible from 18/9/23. Please do not contact your surgery (or Chawton House Surgery) to try and book one of these appointments. The National Booking Service is available here and is what you will need to use. Flu vaccine may also be available at these appointments but please do not cancel any previously arranged earlier flu vaccination appointments.

    Your practice may also be 0ffering COVID vaccinations at their normal locations so you may be contacted directly by them with other appointment options. Please try and avoid double-booking and again we would recommend keeping a Flu vaccination appointment that you might have already made.


    6/7/23 - Antiviral medication for high risk COVID-19 infections

    PHL Group deliver the Covid medicines delivery unit (CMDU) to high-risk, non-hospitalised NHS patients with COVID-19 in Southampton, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The CMDU provides patient contact, triage, and treatment & dispensing to ensure patients do not miss the option of treatment within the confined treatment window.

    To see if you are eligible and to access this medication you can:

    23/1/22 - Had a dose abroad not showing on the NHS app?

    Have you had a dose of a UK approved COVID vaccine abroad which is not showing on the NHS app? You can get this added but need to arrange an appointment with a specific clinic outside our area and take evidence with you. To learn more and to book an appointment click here.

    Vaccination team at our final clinic of 2022

    From December 2020 to December 2022 our team has given over 75 thousand vaccinations.

    • 72,996 COVID-19 vaccinations
    • 2,304 Flu vaccinations

    This included visiting all 17 nursing/care homes in our area five times to vaccinate.  We also undertook many hundreds of housebound vaccinations.

    Thanks to everyone who attended and to the whole team for their hard work and dedication.