Appointment Booking

    All over 12's should have been invited

    Everyone 12 and over should now have been invited. If you have not received an invite it may be because your contact details are not up to date. Use the button to the right to access a form to request an invite.

      We are currently vaccinating:

      • Booster doses - more information below
      • Anyone aged 16 and over
      • If we officially move on to the next group (as shown on this website) and you fear you have been missed then you should contact your surgery
      • Second doses will be around 8 weeks after your first dose, you will be contacted fairly shortly before it is due to book
      • If you are aged 16 and above you can also book using the national booking service via this link or by phoning 119. This is not for an appointment at Milford War Memorial Hospital.

      Our practices will be using a service from accuRx to enable you to book appointments from your mobile, tablet or desktop. Don't worry if you can't do this as we will book you by phone but don't phone us, we will phone you.

        Frequently Asked Questions:

        I don't have a mobile phone and/or the phone I have does not allow me to click on the link, what should I do?

        Do not be concerned. We will phone you to book you in if you do not book in via the link in the message. Please do not phone the surgery, wait to be contacted. Alternatively:

        • You can type the link into a web browser and book that way
        • You could forward the link to a trusted family member who could book you in for you
        • The link is unique to you so you should not share it with anyone else
        • You can request a link via email using the "request an invitation" button above.

        I have received two text invites at the same time, what should I do?

        Most likely this is because you and a partner share the same mobile number. You will need to do the process twice using the correct date of birth for the person the message is addressed to. Try and book appointments at similar times so you can come together.

            Who cannot be vaccinated?

            The following people currently cannot be vaccinated:

            • Any person with a history of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) to an ingredient of the relevant vaccine

            Are you pregnant or breast feeding?

            What should you do now?

            • Wait to be contacted to be booked in
            • If you think you should have been invited but have not heard anything then complete this form
            • Read on to see what to expect when you are invited