Trupti Gardner

Advanced Clinical Podiatrist

What is an Advanced Clinical Podiatrist?

I assess, treat, manage and advise patients of all ages with foot and ankle conditions. If needed I will refer you onto consultants in secondary care, for x-ray investigations, to the surgical appliance team, the orthotics team or Solent Podiatry.

Having access to an in-house Podiatrist is something new for the PCN and I am really keen to use my skills and knowledge to enhance patient care.

When will you see me?

  • Foot or ankle problems including:
    • Diabetic foot conditions
    • Musculoskeletal assessments
    • Biomechanics - Gait analysis

    What can I do?

    • You will recieve an assessment and treatment plan
    • I can organise appropriate onward referrals or investigations if needed

    What is not covered on the NHS?

    • General foot care and nail cutting
    • See details of Age Concern or search for a local private podiatrist for these issues

    Appointment scedule

    • Monday - Wistaria Surgery (for Wistaria and Milford patients)
    • Tuesday - Lyndhurst Surgery
    • Thursday - Milford Surgery )for Wistaria and Milford patients)
    • Friday - Chawton House Surgery

    What is the best way to look after my feet?

    Looking after your feet correctly is an important way to help prevent many common foot problems from developing in the first place.

    • Check your feet daily in the mirror or ask a partner to look.
    • Look for any cuts/lesions or unusual skin conditions - if you are unsure seek medical advice.
    • Check your shoes before wearing for any sharp or foreign objects like stones to prevent the damage to your skin.
    • Help prevent irritation and infection by making sure you thoroughly wash and dry your feet.
    • Help prevent in-growing toenails by trimming your nails straight across; never at an angle or down the edges.
    • Wear shoes that are appropriate for what you are doing. Limit the wearing of high heeled or pointed shoes. Avoid wearing flip flops daily, as they can cause rubbing.
    • Wear shoes with fastenings ie: Velcro or laces. Shoes that provide you with the right amount of support to help prevent arch and heel pain.
    • Help to stop the spread of verrucae and athlete’s foot by wearing flip flops in public showers and swimming pool areas.
    • Use foot cream/emollient on your feet daily to keep your feet hydrated (avoiding the space in between your toes, unless using a specific cream for it).

    Nail Cutting Services

    Contact 02380 841199 between 10am and 1pm to make an appointment

    Age Concern New Forest Footcare 

    Recommended Resources

    The College of Podiatry have a useful page on common foot problems:

    They have a page to look for local Podiatrists who are registred with them here or you can find various other Podiatrists available locally

    Local services:

    Orthopaedic Choice

    Orthopaedic choice is a service run by Southern Health which is how we access specialist physio, investigations, some joint injections and potential joint surgery. After a referral is made you will be contacted by letter. You may be offered an appointment directly with a surgeon or you may first be seen by a specialist physiotherapist who can organise tests, injections or onward referral for surgery if indicated.

    NHS physio

    Southern Health provide a community physiotherapy service.  If you are referred by our PCN podiatrist or by a doctor at your surgery you will need to phone 01590 663230 after 5 working days to book your appointment.

    Peacocks Orthotics

    Peacocks Orthotics run a clinic at Lymington Hospital where you may be referred for the provision of insoles or specialist footwear. They also produce splints which can be used for things like foot drop. If you are referred then you should recieve an appointment by letter.